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It is amazing to be a Licensed Massage therapist! Every day I experience new and wonderful things, seeing the amazing changes in my clients/patients. Recently had a regular client in for a 90 minute session. As he walked I realized his two feet pointed outwards as he walked. I asked him if he ever experienced knee pain or hip issues and he said that he had for years, especially when active, hiking, walking long distances, etc. With this knowledge, I applied deep tissue and structural massage therapy specifically to his hip flexors, tensor fasciae latae muscle, quads (lateral), and IT band. After the session I had him walk and realized his feet had straightened by 15-20 degrees! His feet were slightly pigeon toed but not NEARLY as much as before. I followed up with him in subsequent sessions and he mentioned his knee pain was almost non existent and he noticed he was able to walk much easier. the hike he had recently done also was much easier and painless. Amazing what great massage therapy can do for someone!