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Father. Massage Therapist. A Caring Person.

I am a father of four beautiful girls and am so lucky to be a father! They are the joy of my life and the primary reason I am still here. They are all unique with their own talents and gifts and what they have to offer the world. I am lucky to watch them grow into beautiful young women. 

After my divorce in 2018, I immediately switched career gears and jumped into massage therapy college. I attended Intermountain Massage Therapy College where I was taught many of the wonderful important techniques I still use today. The 850 Hour+ program was and is still primarily focused on Structural and Myofascial work, Deep tissue, Stretching, Trigger Point and other useful and important techniques and therapies that I feel are most beneficial for my clients. I chose this program because I wanted to focus more on injury prevention, recovery, and the preventive healthcare aspect of massage therapy.

Intuition is a sort of “Sixth Sense” as it applies to massage therapy. Intuition only comes through many hours of hands on practice, application of learned knowledge and techniques in real physical life, and knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. Intuition is feeling and sensing there is a source of the issue or problem at hand and a puzzle to solve. There is a real energy and connection to the client and their muscle or fascia and it is AMAZING to truly be able to discover what the client specifically needs both physically and mentally! 

Thus “Healing the Body and Mind through Professional Body Work” is what I am always focused on. Many people come to me for true full body mental and physical healing and recovery. 

Massage creates a deeply profound connection between the therapist and the client that goes far beyond loosening tight muscles although that is just as important. It is truly sensing and feeling what each person needs, focusing on these trouble spots, helping relax the mind and spirit, helping the client grow more in touch with their own mind and spirit and finding what truly heals them. As a caring, nurturing human, I am here to help each individual find and resolve their physical and emotional challenges to become a happier more balanced person! 

I have been referred to as a massage artist or healer. I am not a healer, I am just REALLY good at helping your body heal itself!
I thank you for the opportunity to work with you. 
❤️ Cory Belden – The Massage Guy ❤️