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Massage VS Chiropractic: Which is best for me? ❤️

Answer: Both can be very important and critical depending on your individual needs. Massage is primarily focused on SOFT tissue such as Muscle, Fascia, Tendons where Chiropractic is more focused on BONES and alignment/misalignment. Experience through working with hundreds of clients has shown me personally, that chiropractic can many times ONLY be beneficial when combined with massage therapy because tight muscles and soft tissue will only pull bones back out of alignment. Muscles put a LOT of force on the boney structure of the body and therefore massage therapy is critical to maintain muscle/fascia elasticity, flexibility, and minimize or eliminate tension. This allows the bones to align naturally. Many times, I am able to help the cervical, thoracic, and/or lumbar spine and other bones and joints to realign or “pop” back into place during a massage session.  This does not mean chiropractic or other treatments aren’t essential. You may need more treatment depending on what your specific needs or injuries are. 

Will Massage cure my health issues? 🧑🏻‍⚕️

Answer: Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years. Humans need touch and massage has been proven to work miracles for many. We live in a very non-touch society and world. Massage therapy provides emotional, mental, and physical healing that can be unmatched by other conventional treatments and western medicine. Massage therapy is not a magic pill and does not replace all necessary medical procedures but it does provide healing where conventional medicine does not, or it fills in the gaps. It also is a great way to PREVENT health issues and maintain better overall mental and physical health. Think of it as an insurance policy against greater future health problems. Massage therapy can be expensive for most. But it is an investment in your BODY and MIND. Can you really put a price on that? Simple money and time management and budgeting can help you make yourself a healthier, happier YOU. 😊

How does Massage help prevent health issues?  🧑🏻‍⚕️

Answer: We live in a very high stress society and we do not take care of our physical bodies the way we should.  

  • Stress has been shown to cause the activation of the body’s “Fight or Flight” response during high stress moments. During these moments a hormone called Cortisol is released into the body. High stress for a long period of time causes too much of this hormone to be in our system for too long which leads to MANY health complications such as DIGESTIVE (Slows it down, Acid Reflux, ), MENTAL (Memory and Concentration), EMOTIONAL (Anxiety and Depression),  SLEEP issues, WEIGHT gain, CIRCULATORY system (Hypertension) and many other issues. The more we lower our stress levels and the more we relax, the healthier we become. Massage therapy is proven to be one of several great methods to lower our stress levels and become healthier! Massage can improve sleep, improve circulation, reduce blood pressure, eliminate headaches, increase range of motion, improve posture, improve digestion, reduce anxiety and depression, and so much more. 
  • Soft Tissue manipulation is the other aspect of massage therapy that is crucial to maintaining optimal health. As stated prior, the less tense our muscles are, the more aligned our bones can become. Many clients have stated they have had relief of severe to moderate neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain and tightness, back pain, lumbar spine pain, tendonitis, piriformis syndrome, and many other chronic and acute issues. Reduction or elimination of pain, correction in posture and gait, increasing range of motion (ROM), and preventing the need for more invasive, corrective medical procedures is what Massage therapy is all about. 

How often should I book a session?

Answer: Massage therapy is considered to be cumulative. Which means the more you do, the better off you are! Obviously, it is not inexpensive and it also takes time from your busy schedule. Some clients consider a monthly session sufficient to maintain optimal health. Others need a biweekly or weekly treatment. Some clients with acute or chronic pain may start out on a weekly schedule initially to maximize pain reduction and work more quickly to resolve the issue. Then once things normalize, they transition to bi-weekly or monthly schedule. I always recommend all individuals should have at least one monthly session to maintain good health. For active individuals such as bodybuilders or highly active jobs or employment, a more frequent schedule may be necessary. For those that have office or traveling type jobs that require a lot of sitting, this also applies.  I work with all individuals no matter what their lifestyle is. Everyone needs massage therapy! 

Do you work with LGBTQ individuals?  🏳️‍🌈

Answer: Yes, as an LGBTQ individual myself I work with the LGBTQ as well as straight individuals. All human beings need massage therapy and I do not discriminate in this way. I work with men, women, and everyone. All people are susceptible to physical, mental, and emotional pain and baggage. Massage therapy could be what you need to help resolve and remove some of these burdens. 

What techniques or methods do you focus on?  ✔️

Answer: I am trained in Deep Tissue and Structural Therapies as well as utilize other methods such as Swedish, Stretching, Trigger Point, and Sports Massage as a part of each individualized and customized session. Many clients mention the fact that I do not always do the exact same thing each session and that is because I am trained to follow my intuition and your body tells me where I need to work and focus more of my attention. If you are unfamiliar with these techniques, please feel free to email or text me any questions you may have regarding the details of each of these methods. Some therapists focus more on energy work and that is totally cool too! That is simply not my focus, at this time. If you are looking for very light touch for the entire session, I am probably not the right fit. I believe that the greatest healing comes from releasing the tension that is found deep within the fascia and muscle tissue which requires a lot of the techniques described above.

What does a session look like?

Answer: Once you arrive, we discuss any current chronic or acute health problems you are dealing with and go over the intake form as necessary. After that you will disrobe and get on the table face down, and place your face in the cradle. I will leave the room until you are on the table. The session will begin with lighter pressure to warm up and relax the muscle tissue as well as locate any problem areas. Once we have completed the back side of your body, I use hot clean towels to wipe off excess lotion or oils used for the session. Then you will be asked to turn over and I will complete the session using the same techniques described above. I like to finalize a session with therapeutic and relaxing neck and shoulder work. I will then use hot towels to remove excess lotion or oils. I will then leave the room where you will dress and I will return and the session is complete! You are welcome to use the restroom upon arrival or departure or both. Massage can help flush toxins and move lymphatic fluid so it is completely normal to need to use the restroom after a session. I will then give you a bottle of water to help hydrate and flush out toxins that have accumulated during the session. If you have your own water or fluid that is ok too!

Do you require tips? ❤️

Answer: I do not require tips in addition to the session fee but greatly, greatly appreciate them. As a hard-working massage therapist in the service business, as well as other individuals in the same or many other hard working service businesses, we sincerely appreciate tipping for the service provided, especially if it is something you highly value and appreciate. It is a way of showing your appreciation and gratitude and placing a value on the service. 20% tips are the most common but some tip more or less. That is totally up to you and what you are comfortably able to pay. ❤️